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Claire Donato

A dark, multivalent, genre-bending book.... Composed with unrelenting, grotesque beauty.... Exhaustive recursive obsession about the unburiability of the dead, and the incomprehensibility of death.

Publishers Weekly Starred Review & PW's "Best Summer Reads"

Donato makes and unmakes the world with words, and what is left shimmers with pain and delight.

—Brian Evenson


Haute Surveillance
Johannes Göransson

So riveting, so fiercely imagined, so febrile and alive to the violence of our moment, so passionate — its images unbidden, its narrative a continual surprise.... I was compelled to read it, at times against my will, mesmerized, enthralled.

—Carole Maso


Salamandrine: 8 Gothics
Joyelle McSweeney

He who shrinks from the flames will never command Salamanders.

—Arthur Edward Waite

One would not make love to a Salamandrine during a sandstorm.

—Aleister Crowley


david wolach

A radical somatics, procedural anatomic work, queer narrativity....

—Erica Kaufman

Welcome to david wolach’s beautiful corrosion.

—Fred Moten

Documents the soft rebellion of staying alive.

—Frank Sherlock

Holds the space of the clinic we don’t yet have, the dark we need.

—Eleni Stecopoulos

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Noted: Everyday Genius

which includes not one but three days of alleged genius from TSky publisher Christian Peet, via something called a “Kabbalnacht” in three “Tritone Lectures” (see one, two, three).


Stockholm International Poetry Festival

TSky Press authors Johannes Göransson and Joyelle McSweeney, along with faves Aase Berg and Lara Glenum, are reading at the Stockholm International Poetry Festival, where this year’s theme is Gurlesque.


Joyelle McSweeney’s Salamandrine reviewed at Quarterly West

“In Joyelle McSweeney’s story collection Salamandrine: 8 Gothics, language commits incest with itself…. Sounds repeat, replicate, and mutate in her sentences, monstrous sentences of aural inbreeding and consangeous consonants, strung out and spinning like the dirtiest double-helix, dizzy with disease….”


Kim Gek Lin Short’s China Cowboy reviewed in the American Book Review

“Through the figure of La La, a tragic (child) victim/heroine not unlike the stars La La idolizes, Kim Gek Lin Short explores questions of agency and exploitation—emphasis on exploitation. Short is an elegant, entrancing writer, and her second book-length collection is both devastating and uncomfortably enjoyable.”


Joyelle McSweeney’s Salamandrine reviewed at the Brooklyn Rail

“Biological, morbid, fanatic, surreal, McSweeney’s impulses are to go to the rhetoric of the maternity mythos by evoking the spooky, sinuous syntaxes of the gothic and the cleverly constructed political allegory. Salamandrine can be earnest and apocalyptic, playful and arch, but at its core is the proposition that writing the mother-body is a viscid cage match with language and politics in a declining age…. [T]his collection is the sexy teleological apocrypha of motherhood literature, a siren song for those mothers ‘with no soul to photograph.’”


Johannes Göransson’s Entrance to a Colonial Pageant… reviewed at MAKE Magazine

“[P]ursues the genre to terra incognita extremes…. [I]n some ways more a prose poem, bludgeoned and stuffed into dramaturgical form…. Its kaleidoscopic impossibility presses down upon the reader, forcing the question: Who writes the stage directions of life, the role each person plays in society?… Like a mad scientist throwing together unexpected chemicals, Goransson delights in coupling divergent concepts, seeing which combinations smoke, sizzle, or explode….”


Kind words…

…from Patrick Trotti at JMWW, regarding our three 2013 prose titles: “Avant-garde writers of the past are put through a blender topped with equal parts muscle relaxer, speed, acid, and a new, distinct style forcing the reader to down the contents in one giant gulp. It will leave you feeling as though they just went speeding through a backyard makeshift house of mirrors ride that was rigged with no brakes, bending through the maze of tight corners to the point where you can the feel the sharp shards of glass on your forearm if you don’t keep your hand inside the ride that is their minds.”

Photo: Bill Hayward

Claire Donato interviewed at Zing magazine

Burial‘s world came about organically. The more I wrote the book, the more I felt as if its text possessed agency, and the more I recognized the text’s agency, the more my body was a vessel where its language could take root and become what it ended up being. This counteracts the traditional notion that the author’s mind is some grand source where language finds its origins. I was possessed by Burial, as in a fugue; its language was (and is) bigger than ‘I.’”



Tarpaulin Sky Online Literary Journal Issue #6 / Spring-Summer 2004

Featuring work by Jenny Boully, Julie Carr, Mark Cunningham, William E. Dudley, Jamey Dunham, kari edwards, Michael Gottlieb, Sojourner Hodges, Jason Huntzinger, Louis Jenkins, Jake Kennedy, Jeffrey Levine, Norman Lock, Thorpe Moeckel, Eugene Ostashevsky, Matthew Shindell, Sarah Sonner, Jane Sprague, and John Warner.

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