Spr/Sum 04

I did it wrong


more of what I have said on chapters of what I have said; more on the means of obtaining it, pursuing it, "it"ing it, more on buying it; more on the handsome form, the beautiful blissful perfection chapter subject verse micro dog tricks, artificial intelligence, macrobiotic servo penetration instrument plaything; more on first thing first, that was the first thing, until another first thing came first with its cheap hat zoo in the margins, full and repeated, pointed and remarkable, distilling the mundane, across from the body perfect in a miracle of anatomical formality, deconstruction on a platter, the unintelligible caught in the secular; from before function to a navigational doormat, before being a photo copy plural negative in a state of definitional electricity, begging for a dime, begging for a drink, begging for textual closure, a vague ending with more sympathy, more roundabout mechanism without red polyester; more or less laissez faire isolation therapy; screaming form, screaming madness, screaming hell on earth, missing leaves at the carnival parade, missing the truth, someone's truth, anyone’s truth. a hint of karmic replay ad infinitum, on a train, down the tracks, weeks to go that go by and again begins again, either or; or together or; or changing as fast as fassbinder, or as fast as an atom rating system, then that’s it more or less.


kari edwards is a poet, artist and gender activist, winner of New Langton Art's Bay Area Award in literature (2002), author of iduna, O Books (2003), a day in the life of p. , subpress collective (2002), a diary of lies - Belladonna #27 by Belladonna Books (2002), and post/(pink) Scarlet Press (2000). edwards' work can also be found in Scribner's The Best American Poetry 2004 (fall, 2004), Experimental Theology, Public Text 0.2., Seattle Research Institute (2003), Blood and Tears: Poems for Matthew Shepard, Painted Leaf Press (2000), Aufgabe, Mirage/Period(ical), Van Gogh's Ear, Call, Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics, Pom2, Shearsman, and The International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies.