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David Bartone, Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, Travis Cebula, Lucas de Lima, Elisa Gabbert, Jean-Marie Gleize, Brandon Hobson, Kim Hyesoon, Jenn McCreary, Valerie Mejer, Elizabeth Mikesch, Rusty Morrison, Danielle Pafunda, Bianca Stone, & others! From Action Books, Ahsahta, belladonna, Black Ocean, BlazeVox, Bloof, Calamari, Dusie, Fence, Les Figues, Octopus / Tin House & more!

Two poems by Daniel Borzutzky

vomit clean up fee

Because the dead felt ashamed of dying in the walls
Because the dead felt ashamed of the flowers that covered their graves
Because there was a war in my skin

Poems by Michael Sikkema


Nel was inner-antennaed
gold-veined “seer”

Noted: Everyday Genius


which includes not one but three days of alleged genius from TSky publisher Christian Peet, via something called a “Kabbalnacht” in three “Tritone Lectures” (see one, two, three).

Arianne Zwartjes’ Detailing Trauma: A Poetic Anatomy reviewed by Lindsey Drager


“[V]isceral resistance to the text says more about the reader than the writer—the body’s failure, an inevitability we spend most our lives trying to conveniently forget, is one we often find ourselves blindsided by because we do not put our mortality at the forefront of our days.”

Kristina Darling’s and Carol Guess’s X Marks the Dress: A Registry reviewed by Tyler Mills


“[A] fascinating dialogue … between the authors, between traditional and experimental forms, and between desires that cannot be contained within the roles so often assigned to gender.”

Poems by Dan Hoy


The day
is a measure

of what it
takes the Sun

to forget us.

Chris Tysh’s Our Lady of the Flowers, Echoic reviewed by Mark Kerstetter


We gain by this a taut, measured and beautiful poem constructed from the symphony of black, poisoned and rejected flowers that make up the living body of Genet’s novel, that are indeed the reason for its very existence.

Carina Finn’s Lemonworld & other poems reviewed by Jeffrey Hecker


sunny winter – hide your eyes! / monday ashes chernobyl child. / lost: jupiter marilyn knit cardigan / leaving flying propane nightmares./kaboom!/let me play the violin for you….

Poems by Jessica Bozek


Once upon a recent time, a very powerful nation attempted to destroy another nation via a military mission deceptively named Operation Sleep. The very powerful nation succeeded, but for a single inexplicable survivor, known to those unmarked as The Lone Survivor. This book includes his story and many versions of what may or may not be the same story.

Noted: Elena Georgiou & Bhanu Kapil


Elena Georgiou has a lovely new website–where, among other things, she responds to questions from Bhanu Kapil in addition to taking questions from the “general public” for what appears to be a sort of prose-poem agony column (as the Brits call it).

Around the Way


At Constant Critic, Sueyeun Juliette Lee reviews Janice Lee’s Damnation, and Ray McDaniel reviews Kate Greenstreet’s Young Tambling. Elsewhere: WITH + STAND #6 is available at last. And Ron Hanson’s White Fungus is going global.