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Fall 03


from th:IS about logic





One By One

When was the last time
you massaged my feet
one by one?

Terracing is ancient –
more recently they add balustrades
and real plastic urns.

If a slope is a slope –
it’s likely barren and wooden
rakes reach the fruit.


In Lives of the Saints
Agnes holds her breasts
in her hands.

Not even water would pass
her lips for days. Hail
female full of self.

Silence slips under her arms
like pummel horses
and between her legs.

Away From

Everywhere the chorus
... cuts loose in a wild
caballeta ...
of rubbing.

Kakos, kakistos, kakistocracy –
is it any wonder the least
qualified are just ill?

And have we forgotten the species
is the outward appearance or
form since the event.

Buffet To

There was a woman who
booked a woman’s tour of
Jungian (dare it be said) direction.

At the outside of a city finally reached
she ran into a half-eaten
mountain – one unprotected.

So though biting teeth in Elefsis
she found a sound approaching vee
and processed with an ear of corn.


She added
a pound beside
her owned.

And besides. It makes
little difference before
changes so small –

(that follows naturally
with no comparison)
but for the slant of light.


She thinks of a towel.
As she hears
wring your neck.

Actually to drink and to breathe
(an area so intimately sharing)
are as difficult a marriage.

And the delicate act of
swallow suits
almost any view at a distance.


Barbara Maloutas is a winner of the New Issues first book in poetry prize in 2003 for In A Combination of Practices. She also won the Diagram/New Michigan Press 2003 Chapbook contest for Practices. Her poems and essay will appear in the next issue of Aufgabe. A graphic designer and college administrator, she lives in Los Angeles where she completed her MFA in Creative Writing at Otis College of Art and Design in 2002.