Tarpaulin Sky #16 :

Tarpaulin Sky #16 is Vol. 5 of Trickhouse.

Vol. 5 of Trickhouse is Tarpaulin Sky #16.

Think of it as Trick Sky or Tarp House.

Or just don't worry about all that, and instead proceed directly to the goods:


Trickhouse Vol. 5 / Tarpaulin Sky #16
Curated by Noah Saterstrom

* texts by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Thalia Field, and Joanna Howard (from Heide Hatry's Heads and Tales)

* video by Anne Waldman and Lisa Jarnot

* sound by Caroline Bergvall

* correspondence from Lisa Birman

an experiment conducted by Brandon Shimoda & Lisa Schumaier

* an interview with Gordon Massman, conducted by Ana Božičević, Blake Butler, Elena Georgiou, Amy King, and Selah Saterstrom

* visual art by Josh Friedman

* and guest curator, Verbobala's "Hex-ologram"