Spr/Sum 04


The Bastille child is a hull of steel. An artist wrapped in tin-foil. Dr. Heather-Bigg, author of Nell: A Tale of the Thames as well as a text on the general principles of the treatment of spinal curvature, was also an expert in noses and could bend an obstreperous cucumber back to the ruler-line of nature. Imprisoned, down to her ankles, the curtains moved (inconsequential to another child but monumental to her) disappearing mom and co. Youth was always crooked; think of Alexander Pope as a boy. Pope was her legs, arms, ears, spine, nose, and mind. With a forehead to communicate with the entire universe. What She (Nature) had intended, Edie thought, was something more liquid for her poets: a single raindrop running off the Monarch’s  wing.   It  is  as  if,   in  the
future, she will have no body. For now however, and at the side of this Bastilled organ in question, she sniffed the residue: rain, snow, and sleet. Thus turning a nose very firmly into the air was also climbing the Andes with a new spine (pen for conquering the past). The poet can never believe the body’s betrayal, hence language or the need to jabber to the air. At night these excruciating joys such as her mother’s head encased in a locket.

Jake Kennedy's poems, prose works, and visuals have appeared or are forthcoming in a number of literary journals including Combo, Queen Street Quarterly, Chain, Hunger Magazine, and The Diagram. For his manuscript, Hazard, which explores some of the more uncanny biographical details of a number of artists and writers, Kennedy has received a Works-in-Progress grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

Excerpted in Tarpaulin Sky: "Sitwell" considers the 6 ft tall Dame's terrifying encounters with a "bone doctor" in her youth; "Lowry" reflects upon Malcolm Lowry's rather disturbing experiences with house-fires and manuscripts.

You can email Jake at [email protected]