Winter 02






Know monster turn happen.
Candy play make real.
Look little roll noise. Do
all right. Go ring.

Like home up pop.
Egg put please rock.
Me outside well set.
Got. Tell. Wait. Side.

Cold wagon, ride alone.
Drink see whoops sometime.
Oh blue he eight.
Thing a say hole. Dough.

Sit ready whip more.
Thank right silly okay.
Read dirt, end bite.
All peek-a-boo tie globe.

Some fire fun my.
To birthday turn one.
Move inside kill pretty.
And wear yet floor take.

Lay place no too.
Beat brush right name.
Mess rosey red at still.
Enough steps that minute stick.


Kelley White was born and raised in New Hampshire, has degrees from Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School and has been a pediatrician in inner city Philadelphia for more than twenty years. She has been published in over 200 journals including American Writing, The Cafe Review, Feminist Studies, Journal of the American Medical Association, Nimrod, Poet Lore and Rattle. She has published a full length collection of poems related to her medical practice, The Patient Presents (The People's Press, Baltimore) a chapbook, I am going to walk toward the sanctuary, and has a second chapbook Blues: Songs for Desdemona accepted by Via Dolorosa Press.