Spr/Sum 04

Subplot descending


     One is urged to step back for a

broader view

     and one asks to be so viewed.


Largely having forgotten my hand

                                             I turned to my face and was spent.

A portrait met another one

          but there was no ground on which to stand so they knelt.

Fear took the form of falling snow

                                  while the aged in the water barely moved.

The body widened and asked to be forgotten

                                            just as groundless fear fell as show.

Hands in the face and later

                           the pool,

                           until largely having turned, they were blessed.



Julie Carr lives in Oakland, California where she is a pursuing a Ph.D. in English Literature from UC Berkeley. Her book MEAD: An Epithalamion is forthcoming from UC Georgia Press in the Fall. Other sections from MEAD are in recent or forthcoming issues of American Letters and Commentary, 3rd Bed, The Canary, Pool, Xantippe, and LIT.