Justin Lacour

Field Trip +

When two people meet here,
They are surrounded—
                                   —less principled evocations,
We circled the compound,
daring each other to go in.
“From flags to fences,
it is both a tribute to his cultural heritage,
and for breeding a fighting instinct in these beasts.”
Soapbox and 2-Liver squatting on the tombs,
“there are many beautiful faces in the polis,
but only one will I brush on my van.”
You assumed the proportions of Justice: eyes
closed, dangling soda bottles from a string
      (little tornados roaring in each one).
Then it was like a fog came over the city,
“We’re no longer part of the things we tagged…”
And I have seen your silhouette appear
as chrome on mudflaps leaving the Swampway.
“I will avoid People, Places that make me forget…”

Justin Lacour's work has appeared in LIT, YAWP, Soft Targets, WebConjunctions and jubilat. He looks like Vincent Price.