Spr/Sum 04

As Ourselves Sure of What Comes Next


probably from reading the local news so much
and running lost train schedules through the shredder

I'm sure this strains the dreams of numb folks
It's much like a popular gadget or common forfeiture

the length of lingering we tell each other grows longer
tropical madness goes on much as it has for years

variance in our world together has reached its limits
years are now met with forgiveness

there are staircases there are landscapes there are cans of meat
but that doesn't change what we believe or how we feel

your insomnia is still sipping wine on the porch
the cuts I write into myself are an ancient sistrum


William E. Dudley received his MA in Information Science from the University of Arizona and has poetry published or arriving in Hayden's Ferry, Painted Bride Quarterly, & New York Quarterly. He recently studied with Norman Dubie—was homeless.