Spr/Sum 04

Eventually We’ll Combine Our Nightmares


even though we cannot know each other
even though we are possibly a mention of astonishing events.

even though we are both clearly impossible
even though we might as well be a bowl of cream.

what has been deferred in me is possibly still in you
I played pool ruthless on cocaine, recall that—inapproachability

an everyday thing here is still only parts of what
I know about you and has nothing to do with a map of Andorra

It's not you I've seen naked in my head
like I don't expect your desire could ever mention me . . .

I exist in the things you put away and forget and then
became just as well endless—a person murdered by vanishing

we are both destined for the human lot that includes
our obliged lives; the countless nights we are never alive


William E. Dudley received his MA in Information Science from the University of Arizona and has poetry published or arriving in Hayden's Ferry, Painted Bride Quarterly, & New York Quarterly. He recently studied with Norman Dubie—was homeless.