Jon Christensen

Second Amendments

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed.

A well-regulated milk chocolate, being neckband to the Sedalia of a free state the right brain of the pep to bear armament, shall not be infrequent.

A well-regulated milker, being Jacques Necker* to the sedan of a free state, the right-eyed flounder of the pepperoni to bear Armand, shall not be influenced.

A well-regulated milk glass, being necking to the Sedarim of a free state, the right field of the pepino to bear armarium, shall not be infundibuliform.

A well-regulated milking machine, being necklet to the sedation of a free state, the right hand buoy of the Pepita, shall not be infrangible.

A well-regulated military law, being nebris to the sector of a free state, the Riga of the Penza, shall not be infotainment.

A well-regulated military industrial complex, being nebbish to the section gang of a free state, the rift zone of the penury, shall not be informed.

A well-regulated military government, being neat’s foot oil to the section boss of a free state, the rigmarole of the pen, shall not be infused.

A well-regulated military brush, being neat herd to the section of a free state, the rift of the penuche, shall not be ingenious.

A well-regulated milk of magnesia, being necrobiosis to the sedile of a free state, the right of search of pepperbush, shall not be ingested.

A well-regulated milk toast, being necroscopy to the sedum of a free state, the rigid motion of pepper pot, shall not be inflamed.


* French Statesman (1732-1804)

Jon Christensen is a life-long Brooklyn resident and currently a senior at Brooklyn College, where he has published work in The Zine and received the Beatrice Dubin Rose Poetry Award.


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