from When the pathogenic wind comes

broken sequence

You of broken consecution
put verwelk the wire so that access through a manhole is possible
met and gone your extrêmes are incited
lightning segments desheathed of the wire must its heat insulation
matrix in two the one linked segment to be divided
matrix in two that becomes one switch housing
that of a consecution of segments has met access points
of more manner switches along van
Van which of that the man breach it is
it where consecution of broken is cover
man breach cover within can confirm the ING problems in consecution
you of It beccomes broken head pain
with panting of the farynx
sharp edema of the limbs remembers one half proximaal jet of van
to the styloid process of the radius
in the ode of the obstructed river
of 1.5 cune above the cross sectoral fold of the pulse
in a small cavity of mrs isringhausen
the beam of an air lamp settles in yin valley
in the log of a regular state of an open lunger
cannalvan of binding kicks luo of trapbestelwage
de that of the van that of the lung canalvan of English
meeting the combinations the conceptineschip illustrative met creek
of pain for yangxi met English trigger finger
met that lightning storms can clear the sky
lower fires integrity and higher integrity feels
for a burning sensation in the hand
of broken sequence.



woodworm canal

In connection with the canaletas
since a canaleta will call join
of it it is main of connecting
of the narrow channels of the ones it is principal
with the prelude the canaleta installed the prelude made yin
the liver opens to the eye
and makes fire above the divergent one of AA
it makes IQ of scatter
makes the liver cancel bodisattva
gall cannaletas make the malleolus médiale
make the posterior one of the margin close to the gutter of the ankle
a heat sign of moisture makes low more of jiao
a regular pain makes testicles that inflated
makes unloading the hernia a vaginal prolapso
one suffered a difficult priapic fact
fact the globus hystericus made in connection with war
a reverse of the subparagraphs of curve and spring
a canaleta divergent makes gall an erection in the ceaseless springtime of levantar
can anybody made when adolesence
a gasoline is liver abundant and of returns
to be it can of the abnormal case pathological be widened
to be it can govern the sinews
while you ignite your indica
pathological subparagraphs of a condition
of oppression of concern and the ships in the field
of throat as when blocked by one plum pit
the stringer of the flow and the menses
with crooked spring and great pouring
clear stasis in wormwood canal.



dove tail

Dipped jiuwei telegraphs it
from cable number one it is a ship of the conception in the harbour
it points at the summer monitoring function of luo
located seven cune directly above the navel
first of all dived cable
cable dove immediately to the outer dessus of the navel
which seizes angina under a xiphoid process of flaring
cune of the 7 of otto
part of one half one cune of hixup
asthma adjusts the heart positions the procedure and the peace suit
which form drawers from legos and crates
porting the case of sumashedhiny pour the hinfahrt
pour it to mature persons of noise from at speaking dislike
pour the violent and that Palpitation of fear
the painful pour which taps to bring cables out of throats
pour exaggerated the envoy is more swept than the plains of saskatchewan
more than the sexual activity of the yutes
therefore ceux qi of exhaustion
of telegraphs on the outer dessus of spreading
the dipped wing of proportional form to proportional form
veins of the kind of procedure reflect its xiphoid process
that from the EEC of it and the cases of in ceux qi
with legos a hinfahrt wheezing the illness of the above mentioned if
will kashley and dispnoeo go in gao of it threads
in order to treat with difficulty
the pins and joints of a secret
double-lapped dove tail.



veering passage

Avant soutiens gorge on surplus transfers
from on cune river to the valley of the three transitions
before cootchie takes a new line on épistaxis
of the recent bride palsey and the almond inflammation of boars
while gorging on the ouvant Neuralgia of before
you have tinnitis
away drives the wind and the release of heat
and opens those from the transitions of water
which transfer the large point of the EEC to luo
to the joint of entrails more from the connection at kiefer
adjusting the entrails of the crosspiece at the nose of luo
perforating the connection of the eye at stomach
opening the symptom and water the transfer point
it from itself to adjust it consistently to fall on same stage of symptom
treating the edema of asscites and the borborygmus of shoes
my tinnitus that fists the connection of OS
the transferring hinfahrt greating them nosebleed
I-6 of that to affect from them to it to go it from mower
the transition with rinitti pali
which transfers yang from the river of the surplus
to the mower of the front lawn
of water which opens from passage to the stencil of the adjusted clearing
from heat the stencil wind for passage
from the intestine of this joint it rises from ears of slip to angle to kiefer
of crosspiece of sufficient large during the concoction
of joints of stencil of trough of too much stomach before nose
between positionate matter are perforated them
which transfers from the point that too often from itself opens to nans ZuZu
therefore it adjusts to ZuZu edema
borborygmus of asscites from stencil
to transfer one tinnito of combines
to go épistaxis on the bank
of the versantesi of veering passage.



one hundred meetings

Of the other person
of this iarda of position
of the intersection of this râ means râ
of the kierkegaard dog of one hundred râ
line of reunion of the part of being a function of the traditional one of cancelling
of sense and calming of spirit
of râ since apex of the head with line
of extracting the indemnity of ear with râ
of i love to fuck râ on crank
râ liver of extinguishing wind râ
ascending wind of lodging of one with râ
of vertebra bilizing the three yang with the illustranves of one large râ
of philtrum contagious patient with door
of inner bending of dolt con vertebra
con dello bilizzare con dello del yang of type of B encephalitis
râ wastes with hall the solenoid of the classic prolapso
one râ of the suffered intersection at all comments concerning the blister of râ
this boat of governing râ
this they of adjacent paragraphs of combinations of headache
with tail and long râ râ of the force
of râ and the dove of this anus of paragraphs
râ at one hundred meetings.


Bill Luoma is author of Works and Days, Western Love, and Dear Dad. He lives in Berkeley.